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Blood dripping down his face, Tim stared straight back at Antonio. His breathing was hard, his body was weak, his mind was reeling. The man he loved, the man who raised him...was trying to kill him.

"Tim, I'm really sorry about this, but..." Antonio paused to let out a slow, heavy sigh. He shook his head and ran his fingers through his messy brown hair, closing his eyes for a few long moments. Slowly, his gaze returned to Tim, and their eyes locked, the green orbs sending racing chills down the Dutch man's spine. Antonio smirked, lifting the knife, and continued in a whisper, "Potatoes have scrotums, too."
perfect holspa
I said earlier, "I want to write something super serious and then have one of the characters say something ridiculous that is not related to the situation at all."

This is the second thing I've written.

Anything with "perfect" in the title is gonna be like this shit.

I'm sorry.
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: violence/gore and strong language)
The barrel of the gun pressed to his temple was colder than anything he'd ever felt. His heart throbbed in his chest, drowning out all other noises except for the pink-haired man's voice.

"You know what's going on, don't you?" Marshal asked him with a wicked smirk and a predatory stare.

Oh, yes, the man knew perfectly well what was going on. One wrong move, and he was dead. Boom, and he would be done, gone, his brains splattered against the wall and floor, painting the alley red. With a shaky breath, he whispered, "Yeah. Yeah, I do."

The gang leader snickered and pressed the barrel harder into his head, surely leaving a mark. He leaned in close to the man's face, close enough to see the beads of sweat forming on his forehead, close enough to see the delicious sparkling of fear in his eyes, close enough to feel his ragged, hot breath. "Say it," Marshal replied, his voice low, tinted with anticipation.

The man closed his eyes, clenching his fists so tight his nails drew blood from his palms. His whole body was trembling at this point, his legs barely even able to hold his weight. Slowly, hesitantly, he opened his eyes and stared back into those hungry blue eyes.

"I'm a fuckable hamburger, big daddy."
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: nudity and sexual themes)
You call me up at six, come 'round, undressing in my house again
Your t-shirt's on the floor
Yeah, we're undressing in my house again
You know just what I like

    Tim watched with hungry eyes as the brunet approached him, slowly pulling his t-shirt up a little more with every step, revealing the smooth, tan skin underneath. Even from this distance, he swore he could feel the heat radiating from Antonio, and he couldn't help biting his lip in anticipation. No matter how many times they did this kind of thing, Tim always got excited every single time. Antonio knew exactly what he liked, and he took full advantage of it.

    The blond reached out when Antonio stepped up to him and grabbed his hips. Moving his hands up, he helped the brunet rid his body of the shirt and tossed it off to the side. He raked his gaze up and down his lean, sun-kissed body for a few long seconds before leaning in to leave a few of his own kisses on the Spaniard's chest.

    "Come on, Tim," Antonio breathed out softly, his fingers finding their way to the blond's hair, and Tim looked up at him through his eyelashes.

    "Get on the bed."

Used to come around, you'd be knocking on my front door
Playing board games, horror films with the stupid gore
Thought that you were cute from the start
Yeah, I'm pretty sure

    Tim stared down at the Spaniard squirming and moaning under him as he continued to move his hips, his breath coming out in harsh pants. He couldn't even remember when they first started doing things like this. At first, Tim could hardly stand this idiot, but no matter what he said, Antonio just wouldn't go away. It seemed like every night, he'd show up to play a board games or watch the newest horror flick, and it eventually just turned into this. Oh, well, it wasn't like Tim particularly hated to do this kind of thing. It was cheaper than the red light district, after all.

    He groaned quietly as he pushed deep into Antonio in a single, hard thrust, drawing loud moans from the brunet's mouth. His already pounding heart only seemed to beat harder when he heard Antonio crying out his name with each thrust, and, staring down at his flushed face, teary eyes, and messy hair...he couldn't help thinking about how cute Antonio was.

You were like the medicine, the medicine I wanted more
All along I wanted someone to ride with
Found the guy I want the rest of my life with
We on some husband and wife shit

    Tim found himself staring at Antonio again, his arms holding the sleeping man close, almost protectively, up against his chest. The warmth comforted him and felt totally different than the warmth that he would usually get from the girls in the red light district. In fact, he almost felt happy, knowing that he was the one with Antonio in his arms like this, that he was the one who got to see his blushing face and hear his moans, that he was the one Antonio clung so strongly to. Even if he could be an annoying asshole at time, it was clear.

    Antonio loved him.

I don't really care cause I know that I like it
What Tim Likes -HolSpa songfic-
Man, it's been foreverrrrr since I wrote about these two lovely dicks

I still ship these guys just as hard, if not harder.

I was gonna end it with the "smoking on the bedroom floor" part, but that line seemed so perfect to end on ;u;

The characters Netherlands and Spain belong to Hidekaz Himaruya!

The song is What I Like by Charli XCX!
New cutie by Chroniux
New cutie
So I bought this little guy earlier today~ He's adorable, and I love him ;u;
Name: Reino
Appearance: Blonde hair; golden eyes; white, black-tipped ears and tail


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